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Route 2: La Fustera


  • ⚠️ Maximum Depth: -5m
  • ⏱️ Duration: 30'
  • 🧭 Orientation: S
  • 🌱 Biotopes: sand - sea-grass meadow - rock
  • 📍 Access: Av. La Marina, km 2.6. At this point you will reach a detour that follows Av. Navegant Pepe Ribes until the parking lot by the beach.

Amongst the sea-grass there are all sorts of fish such as the sparkling Salema porgy that patrol these underwater gardens.

You can follow a number of aquatic trails from this idyllic backdrop. Here is a description of the route spanning the right side (southern end) of the beach. Once in the water, move away from the shore, looking for the point in which the sand meets the rocky seabed, which initially appears as slabs of naked rock which, further on, are covered in seaweed. Neptune Grass, which forms prairies that cover the many rocky islands you will see to the left, will begin to appear as you move forth.  You will find many species among the Neptune Grass, such as the sparkling salps that patrol these underwater gardens. You will also frequently encounter garfish in these clear and shallow waters and, among the rocks, you will find white seabreams, peacock wrasse, painted combers and snake blennies.

Even though you can see all this sea life floating from the surface, it is worth taking a deep breath and briefly diving to the bottom to discover details that would otherwise go unnoticed. The maximum depth is no greater than 4 or 4 metres. Once you reach a small island which is, in fact, a rocky prolongation of the coast, turn back and return closer to the shore, where the bottom is rockier and even shallower.

Environmental awards:

  • Beach: "Ecoplayas" prize, ISO 9001 & 14001
  • Aula de la Mar: Blue Flag
  • Eco Trial: ISO 9001 & 14001

Facilities & activities:

  • Life Guard and First Aid post from 15th June to 15th September, including bank holidays, from 10.30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.,
  • micro flora reserve.
  • sandy beach
  • Snorkeling, sailing, windsurf, kayak, walking,
  • beach-bar, picnic area, wheelchair friendly public toilets, footbaths, children's play area,
  • car park, Aula de la Mar, Tourist Info Benissa Playa, Residents Info and Advice Centre, Police Post