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Old Church Square

This is one of Benissa's most important and beautiful sites. In the past it was dominated by the fortified San Pedro's church, constructed in the 16th century (between 1550 and 1570), quite possible on the ruins of a 14th century mosque. Although this building was dedicated to the celebration of Christian rites it also acted as a fortress due to the spectacular increase in pirate attacks along the Mediterranean coast during this era. It was an impressive building, an image of which has been painted on a ceramic tile on one of the walls of the square where there is also a reproduction of the church's main door.

After the opening of the new Puríssima Xiqueta church in 1929 the old church was used less and less and deteriorated with the passing of time. Finally, at the beginning of the ´40s , the building was demolished.

Today the site is an attractive square in which diverse out-door leisure and cultural events are held.

At one end of the square is a white marble monument that commemorates the town's millennium celebrated in 1987.