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The best beach and festivals plan in Benissa

August and the heat go hand in hand, but what can we do to refresh ourselves?

Forget the heat and take a bath

We propose different summer festivals in Benissa in which you can forget the heat and at the same time take a bath. In addition, you can take advantage of and visit their hermitages during these days.

The festival of La Fustera beach

If you like festivals on the beach you cannot miss the Fustera festivals. The Fustera festivals take place on La Fustera beach, an ideal place to enjoy a good swim and its festivals. Do you want to take a bath, spend the day out and have dinner? Here you have the opportunity to participate in a dinner by the beach, as during the festivals sandwich and drinks service is offered at popular prices, all enlivened with music. We recommend this beach and festivals plan, you will have a great time!

Festival of Benimarraig

This festival takes place in the rural district of Benimarraig in Benissa, around the hermitage in honour of Santa Teresita del Niño Jesús. The festivities include fellowship dinners with a musical atmosphere, lunches for residents and visitors, mass, procession, and at the end of the procession, the participants are offered horchata (Valencian typical tiger nuts drink), lemon iced drink and Coca María (typical sponge cake). And if you go to this festival with children, do not worry, because they organize races and piñatas for the little ones.

Festival of Pinos

Another of the summer festivals that take place in August in Benissa is the festival of Pinos. This festival takes place in a privileged environment, in a very cosy square in front of the hermitage in honour of Santa Bárbara, very close to the Bèrnia mountain range.

In this festival you can enjoy dinners, music bands, mid-morning snacks, masses, processions, fancy dress parades, folk dances or the typical reveille, an act that consists of throwing rockets and awakening people. Chicken races are another singular event that you will find among the festival activities, an act of long tradition that is still preserved.

Remembering “Les Maraes”

Long ago in the region and in Benissa, it was customary to go down to the beach with family or friends to take nine sea baths, which could not be done in less than 3 days. The trip took place after the harvest of the wheat and before the muscatel grape started to be good, that is to say at the beginning of August. The sea baths had to be done with great caution and following very strict rules, since the hygienist doctors of the early nineteenth century did not openly approve the immersions in sea waters. So, in the morning, people started the tour on foot, by car, donkey or by the available means at that moment until they reached the coastal area. The first task they did when they arrived was to collect algae to prepare the beds, which they placed under carob trees. The tradition was a true ritual: three baths every day, the first before the mid-morning snacks, then before the lunch, and the third bath, in the evening at dusk.

Go ahead and spend the day on our beaches and remember the “Maraes”!