Water quality and environmenyal policy

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Water quality and environmenyal policy

From June 1 to September 15 you can check the quality of the bathing waters of the coves and beaches of Benissa.

Water quality


Protection of nature and the environment and providing quality services to citizens are essential and priority criteria for the Benissa Town Hall. The Department of the Environment, thanks to the constant efforts of the human team that makes it up, hereby undertakes to develop suitable strategies based on the certified UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 quality and environmental standards, respectively, for the Management of beaches and coves and of Benissa’s nature trail.

> Our mission is to provide quality service to users, satisfying their needs while protecting our coastal environment.

> Our vision is to be a municipality of reference thanks to its coastal environment, in which our goal is to constantly improve the services, facilities, the quality of our waters and to care for the environment.

> Our values are based on maintaining the wealth of our coastal ecosystem, seeking beaches that can meet high quality standards and criteria for sustainability.

The Benissa Town Hall defines its own Quality and Environmental policy, which includes the following commitments to improve:

  • Compliance with legislation and regulations currently in force that apply to the comprehensive management of the Benissa coastline, as well as the quality of its waters and the service provided to citizens and visitors.

  • To promote participation by all staff and users in the protection of the coastal environment through training and awareness raising, insisting on information and communications at all levels.

  • To take technological improvements available on the market into account when defining improvement targets and to achieve efficient, responsible and top-quality services, including services provided by concession holders.

  • To establish tools for improvement to approach the risks and opportunities of the organisation, and to achieve continuous improvements to the efficiency of the management system and environmental performance of the organisation.

  • To prevent pollution by minimising environmental risks arising from the environmental aspects of the organisation from the point of view of life cycles, taking correct management of waste generated on the beaches and the sustainable use of resources especially into account.


Benissa, 3 July 2019.

The Mayor,

Arturo Poquet Ribes