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Don’t miss out on Christmas

Christmas is coming to Benissa in November to give you more time to enjoy this different but very special time. We would like you to experience our “slow” Christmas and to share our slow philosophy, a movement according which life should be lived at a more leisurely pace, taking control of time and avoiding stress to allow you to enjoy every moment and everything at your leisure.

Benissa, a place to visit in Christmas

If you haven’t got any plans for this time of the year yet, you will feel at the heart of Christmas in Benissa, with traditional activities and charming locales that are ideal both for a simple escapade and to spend the Christmas holidays with your family.

See the Christmas tree being lit up in the main town square and listen to a bell tolling concert in the “Cathedral of the Marina” itself.

As you wander through its medieval streets in the evening, the smell of firewood will bring back precious childhood memories. Enjoy the personalised service at our small shops and boutiques in which you will find products that are not only fresh, traditional and high-quality, but also exclusive.

Furthermore, our traditional businesses have prepared the “Benissa Black Week” followed by another commercial initiative, “To buy in Benissa is a great gift”, with special deals for early Christmas purchases.

Enjoy several open-air concerts. You are also invited to discover the main privately-owned nativity scenes in Benissa with organised guided tours, you will love the Nativity Scene installed in the Taller d’Ivars Art centre!

A great many activities, such as Christmas pastry workshops, storytelling sessions, theatre plays and much more are available for children.

And how could we forget our cuisine! Enjoy our most typical Christmas dishes in the “Christmas Stew” culinary sessions.

If you’re a foodie, you’re one of us! Enjoy our most succulent dishes, such as “Coques de mullador” (Ratatouille pastries) or “coques al calfó” or “de dacsa” (maize pastries) with cod, greens or cold cuts. And, indeed, the production of high-quality traditional cold cuts is one of our specialties for which we are renowned throughout the Valencia region.

To top it all with, this is a land with excellent local wines which local winemakers produce in the traditional fashion. Benissa, being located between the mountains and the sea, has a micro-climate influenced by the sea breeze, known as the Llebeig, which cool summers and mild winters that is especially suitable for vine-growing and makes our local Muscat of Alexandria and Girò grapes so special.

You should also try our Christmas pastries, including “Pastissets de moniato”, “rossegons” macroons or shortbreads paired with a local sweet muscat or mistella wine.

Give your new bike a spin this Christmas…

You can also keep active by following the Muscat Trail, an easy and mostly flat trail that will lead you through the muscat grape vineyards, one of the most renowned varieties for the production of sweet wines. This trail links Benissa and La Vall de Pop along agricultural paths not far from the road.

However, if you’re up for a challenge, try the star trail of the Vall de Pop Mountain Bike Centre, the journey from Benissa to Parcent …, where you will have breathtaking views of the coast from the inner valley.