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Be inspired by art

Art and culture constitute a backbone for our lives. They are present in our streets, in our festivities and cultural events, and in our way of life

Benissa has always displayed a special sensitivity towards artistic expression in any of its forms. To stay up-to-date, the Obri l’ull periodical features a monthly summary of cultural events.

The most important artistic attraction in town is the museum given over to painting, the Espai d’Art Contemporani Salvador Soria. It hosts the works of the winners of the painting prize that bears his name. Within it we can witness over three decades of contemporary painting in a single space. Its permanent collections features the works of local and international authors, such as Lola Berenguer, Carlos Montoya, Sergio Luna o María González Garrigues, among others.

You would also do well to visit the other exhibition halls such as the Centre D'art Taller D'Ivars or the La Marina University Headquarters, among others, where you will find various exhibitions year-round.

In Benissa, Valencian literature is represented by the “25 d’abril” short story, poetry, research and theatre awards. They were created in 1980 and have achieved significant recognition and renown.

With regards to music, this is another of the most deep-rooted artistic expressions in our culture, and it can be breathed in on every festive occasion, from the patron saint’s feast days to the Moors and Christians festivities, up to the last celebration of our rural districts, our processions and parades.

When it comes to architecture, its buildings invite us to take a stroll through the historical town centre, discovering monuments, stately homes and stone-paved alleys overflowing with history. It is an open-air museum that can be accompanied by a visit to some of its most illustrious buildings, such as the Cases del Batlle (16th c.), la Casa Museo Abargues (18th-19th c.), the Sala del Consell (16th c.), Franciscan Fathers Monastery (17th c.) or the Church of the Puríssima Xiqueta (20th c.).

And, during the summertime, Benissa becomes an open-air museum with the visual arts contributions of the GAB collective (Grup d'Artistes Benissa).