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Moors and Christians Festivities

24/06/2023, 29/06/2023 until 03/07/2023

Fiestas and Events


Saturday 24th June

12.00 h vermouth tasting at Dolors Piera Park, until 14.00h.
19.30 h. Parade of the flag bearers and festive charges.
20.30 h Act of presentation of pennants, standard bearers, and captains in the enclosure of the Castle, and proclamation of festivities by Quico Llopis Ivars. At the end of the event, fireworks castle by the pyrotechnics Hnos. Caballer.
22.00 h Concentration of the "filades" and dinner of brotherhood in the park Dolores Piera.
24.00 h Performance in the park Dolores Piera Orchestra La Pato.
Bar service for the benefit of the "filades capitanes 2024": Conquerors and Beduïnes..

Thursday 29th June

19.30 h Inauguration in the "Nou Casal dels Jovens" of the Exhibition of Drawings made by the children's students of the schools Padre Melchor and Manuel Bru (It can be visited from 29th to 7th July from 9.00h to 14.00h and on Thursday 6th July from 9.00h to 19.00h).
20.00 h Festera Music Concert on the facade of the Basilica of the Puríssima Xiqueta by the Societat Lírica Musical de Benissa and the Colla de Xirimiters Pere Bigot.
During the ceremony, awards ceremony of:
Costumes of the Moors and Christians Festivities 2022.
XXX Contest of children and youth squad corporals.
Children's Drawing Contest.

Friday, June 30th

22.30 h Moorish siege from the Convent Square to the Castle.
23.30 h Moorish Embassy and capture of the Castle by the troops of the Moorish side.
00.30 h Musical performance by the orchestra La People Band in Jaume I square. Bar service for the benefit of the "filades capitanes" 2024: Filà Conquerors and Filà Beduïnes.

Saturday July 1st

12.00h Remembrance of the deceased festeros in the Municipal Cemetery.
18.30 h Parade of all "les filades" leading to San Pedro Apostle. At the end, offering and mass in honor of our patron Saint Peter the Apostle.
20.30 h Children's Entrance and XXXI Contest of "Caps d'Esquadra" for children and youth.
23.00 h - Siege of the Christian side, from the Plaza del Portal to the Castle enclosure.
00.00 h - In the Castle enclosure, Christian embassy and reconquest by the Christian forces of the town of Benissa.
At the end, night of cabilas.

Sunday 2nd July

11.00h Parade of "les filades".
19.30h Entrance of music bands.
19.45h "Arrancà de l'entrà". Act of beginning of the gala parade by Jose Andrés Cabrera Ribes and Nuria Ivars Bertomeu.
20.00h Gala parade from Valencia Street to Nou Street.

Monday July 3rd

11.00h Parade of "les filades" and visit to the Nursing Home.
19.30h Informal parade of the music bands.
20.00h Humorous parade of "les filades" and end of the festival.
The Association of Moors and Christians of Benissa, reserves the right to cancel or modify any event or schedule.