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Lleus Hermitage

Dedicated to the stone saints Abdon and Sennen

Getting there:

The first stretch of the trip is the same as the one leading to Pinos but, before reaching the bridge that crosses the A-7 highway, take a left along a paved road leading to the hermitage.


This 19th century hermitage has a very similar configuration to that of the Pinos hermitage, with a semi-detached house for the parish priest and a small school that was opened in 1935. It is surrounded by a few more houses around a picturesque square with trees, a stone cross and a well to which all locals had access. Such communal wells were present in all rural areas, but many of them have fallen into disrepair as, even though they were publically used, they were held by private owners and have not been properly maintained.

The Lleus rural area is located at the confluence of the slopes of the Solana and Oltà, in a beautiful rural and forested environment, with views to the Solana on the right, Oltà on the left, and the Bèrnia mountain range in the middle. A number of trails start from Lleus, and the paved road that led you there continues towards the area known as Pou Roig until rejoining the N-332 road, scarcely 3 km away from Calpe.


Its festivity is held in late July or early August, and its most significant events are the mass and procession, live music concerts, races and children’s games, and popular meals and dinners, with typical fare such as paella, mistela, sweets, appetisers and grilled fish.