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Route 1: Les Bassetes


BIO-TYPES: rock - sea grass meadows
GETTING THERE: Avda. La Marina, Km. 1,8. At this point follow the signs to Club Náutico Les Bassetes that take you down the calle Codonyer street to Les Bassetes.
East Atlantic peacock wrasse hide amongst the sea grass and the Mediterranean barracudas patrol in search of tube fish and other small species.

This easy trip will take you alongside the tongue of rock after getting into the water down the steps located close to the yacht club's restaurant. The route takes you towards the sea wall where keeping a distance of some 20 or 30 metres you will see on the sea bed the meadow of Posidonia oceánica that acts like the sea's lung since its capacity of oxygenation is greater that then of forest (1m2 of sea grass can produce up to 14 litres of oxygen) giving us an idea of the quality of the water.

Here the sea grass is abundant and receives the visits of the Salema porgies that feed from its leaves. The sea bed is at a depth of 3 or 4 metres and as you make your way towards the end of the sea wall you will notice areas of sand with some rocks where fish such as Damsels,  Combers and Mediterranean Rainbow Wrasse carry out their frenetic activity.

In May and June and the beginning of July you will be able to observe the young Damsel fish that stand out for their intense blue colour that in maturity will darken to the characteristic black. Before you reach the end of the sea wall you will turn back going closer to view the rocky sea bed that in places is a sheer wall and other adopts curious forms or rounded pebbles that make this sea bed unusually luminous. Amongst the rocks you might find one of the small octopi that hide in the shadows waiting for their prey.

There are abundant small fish that are permanent proof of life and activity in this refreshing journey over Benissa's blue water.


Eco Coastal Trail: ISO 9001-2000, ISO 14001-2004,
Club Náutico Les Bassetes: ISO 9001 & 14001, Blue Flag


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