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Benissa, the most charming village to see near Calpe.

Benissa, the most charming village to see near Calpe.

While there are a lot of things to see in and around Calpe, this post is dedicated to one of the most charming villages nearby on the Costa Blanca: Benissa.

Apart from the things you have to do in Calpe, a short drive away (only 10km) you can enjoy a very different day in the old town of Benissa.

Escape to the Middle Ages in the Historical Centre of Benissa

que ver en calpe y alrededores

Escape to the Middle Ages and enjoy one of the best preserved medieval centres in the area. We have designed a route for you, so that you do not miss out on any corner of this life-size museum that is the town centre. Don't miss monuments such as the Catedral de la Marina, the museum Casa Museu dels Abargues or the council hall (Sala del Consell).

You have to try a good “putxero de polp” (octopus stew, on request) or “buñuelos de calabaza” (pumpkin fritters). It is recommended to try it throughout autumn and winter!


Be Adventurous with walking trails in Benissa

que ver en calpe y alrededores

From the historic centre, there is a hiking route that you will love:

The route of the Molí del Quisi, in which, besides to enjoying the landscape, you will find monuments such as the Pou d'Avall and Santa Anna Washhouses, the Santa Anna Hermitage, the Quisi Bridge and the Molí del Quisi.

If you don't know the route of the Sierra de Oltà yet, it is another must see in Calpe. It starts from there, but is another of the most beloved images of the orography of Benissa with its characteristic "dit" (finger) and its isolated location.

Love the sea: Beaches and Coves of Benissa

Starting from a few metres north of the Calpe coastline, in Calalga, a path connects the area to a small port in the municipality of Benissa, the Club Náutico les Bassetes (Yacht Club). From there you start the Ecological Walk of Benissa, during which you can walk along our small bays surrounded by pine trees.

Here you can see all the Coves of Benissa.

Don't miss out on any of the bays!