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Love the sea

Benissa’s four-kilometre coastline is quintessentially Mediterranean

With its turquoise coves framed by rocky cliffs with scattered vegetation and villas. The winding road that follows this coastline invites you to make constant stops on the way to discover every nook and cranny.

The best way to discover this coast is by following its nature trail.

This trail is divided into several sections and can be followed year-round, as each station offers a distinct charm, and the path is easy to follow.

The nature trail is an absolute must-see if you come to Benissa. The starting point is the📍 Tourist Info Benissa Beach – Aula de la Mar located in the Casa dels Cent Vents. It features a northern and a southern route, both of which are signposted with informative panels that provide information on local history and traditions and the botanical and geological wealth of the area.

Underwarter hiking

The features of the Benissa coastline, with its clear waters and shallow coves, are perfect for diving without a tank, or snorkelling.

This fun and healthy activity is ideal to discover Benissa’s fascinating ocean floors, with their extensive Neptune grass prairies alternating with rocky patches.

To go snorkelling, all you need is a pair of diving goggles, some flippers and a breathing tube. You can follow six trails we have designed for each of our coves and beaches: Les Bassetes, La Fustera, Els Pinets, La Llobella, L’Advocat and El Baladrar.

Depth varies between 3 and 8 metres, and the time required to followed them varies from 20 minutes in Els Pinets cove to the 35 minutes required to visit L’Advocat.

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Water sports

If you’re staying in Benissa long enough, you can follow diving, kayaking, various forms of sailing and SUP courses. There are schools that teach all these water sports at the Les Bassetes Nautical Club and Cala Fustera.

Underwater flora y fauna

The seabed is made up from Neptune grass prairies, rocky outcroppings and fine sand. Among them, you can discover schools of mullets, rockfish such as peacock wrasse or white seabream, as well as octopuses, sea stars or gilt-head breams. This rich bio-marine heritage is a source of pride for Benissa.