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Benissa, one of the coastal towns in Alicante


Benissa is a coastal town in Alicante that has a great municipal area, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy coast and mountains. The coast of Benissa offers 4 km of beautiful beaches and coves. In this town on the coast of Alicante, in addition to entering the Middle Ages through its historic centre, we can enjoy an ecological walk with almost 3 km.


Ecological Path

If we start the tour from Playa la Fustera (southern section), we will find an old rough stone quarry, material widely used in the construction of the houses of the historic centre of Benissa. If we continue, the path will take us to Les Bassetes Yacht Club, where in addition to enjoying the views of the rock Peñal de Ifach (Calpe); we can practice water sports, such as diving or snorkelling. If we continue the path, we will reach the coves and beaches of Calpe.

If we continue along the northern section, we will reach La Fustera, a white sand beach, on whose bottoms the Posidonia grows. The Oceanic Posidonia is a marine plant with flowers, fruits, leaves, seeds, roots and stems. It is exclusive to the Mediterranean Sea and indicates good seawater quality, since it needs clear, clean, well-oxygenated and pollution-free waters. The next cove that we will find is Cala Pinets, if we border the rocks we will reach the well-known Mar Morta. Later, we will find Cala la Llobella, a wild rock cove ideal for snorkelling. If we continue along the path, we will arrive at Cala Advocat, a small sandy beach with a peculiar breakwater through which you can walk. Last but not least, you can visit the largest and pebbles cove: Baladrar. This must be accessed by car, since the walk does not reach there.


“Les seques de gener”

If we go to the beach in winter, we will find a very curious phenomenon, known as “les seques de gener” (the dry areas of January). At this time of the year, the sea level goes down, allowing to collect sea urchins, nettles and clams (which is currently prohibited).

Flora micro-reserve

In Benissa, one of the coastal towns in Alicante, there are two flora micro-reserves since 1999, that is, small protected areas of land located in Les Bassetes and La Fustera coves. In these coves live two special plants, the Cat's Head Rockrose and the Thymus zygis, also known in the region as "Pebrella".

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