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Hermitage of Saint. Anne

Getting there:

This hermitage can be reached either by car or walking. However, because it is so near, we recommend walking and taking advantage of the lovely road. Cars can be left at the bus- stop. Behind the Martinez furniture store, there is a paved road, which takes 15 or 2º minutes to lead to the hermitage. At he beginning of the road, we go by an old washhouse (Pou D'avall), with a spring. Washing houses like this are common in many rural districts. They were formerly used for washing clothes, but have now fallen into disuse. We continue our walk up towards the hermitage.


It dates from 1613. It has a pretty sandstone façade with a semicircular arch over the door. The date of construction was carved into the comerstone on the right. It has a single nave. In front, there is a small square with a cross in the centre. Inside, there is a small pulpit, a neo-classic altar, the sacristy to the right and a attached room intended to be de priest's room. If we follow the path, we reach a spring and washing place. This place is an oasis of rest and calm, with the smooth music of the water bubbling from the spring, in the midst of abundant vegetation, consisting mainly of popular trees. From the square and the hermitage, looking towards the South, we can see Saint Anne's ravine, which joins with the Quisi ravine, and draws our eyes towards Oltà and part of the Bérnia range. All over the area, we can see extensions of Mediterranean crops, such as almonds, vines, olives, etc, and to our left, a beautiful, leafy pine forest, which lends its green to the landscape. To the west of the hermitage, we can see part of the town of Benissa. From the hermitage we can walk along paths and trails, and even go down to Calpe, following old trails parallel to the Quisi ravine.


The festivals are held on June, 26th , with the following events: awakening with rockets and dulzaina ( similar to the clarinet), mass, procession, communal picnic with everybody bringing their own food, dancing and fireworks.