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Route 6: Baladrar


  • ⚠️ Maximum Depth: -7m
  • ⏱️ Duration: 30'
  • 🧭 Orientation: SSE
  • 🌱 Biotopes: sand - meadows of sea grass - rock
  • 📍 Access: Avda. La Marina, km 6.5. At this point you will see a sign pointing tocala del Baladrar following C/ el Cabot and immediately turning right at C/ Manta. There you will find a small parking area and can walk down the stairs that lead to the cove.

The lush sea grass is the habitat of numerous species and a safe refuge for young fish.

The suggested trail begins at the right part of the cove (further to the south), where the coastline outlines the cove. At this point the seabed is made up from polished, naked rock slabs here and, as you advance toward the opposite end of the cove, you will discover lush Neptune Grass prairies that host a myriad of species and act as a nursery for young fish.

Neptune Grass alternates with more or less dispersed rocks as you approach the buoys. You will encounter alternating sand clearings on the way and, as you reach a salient in the middle of the cove, you will notice that the seabed is crossed by curious canals carved into the rock.

Under the water you can see almost everything: Salema porgies hiding amongst the sea grass, white sea-bream, octopi in rocky hiding places, East Atlantic peacock wrasse, red mullet, in fact an explosion of life that encourages the visitor to repeat this sub-aquatic route.


Snorkel, Sailing, Windsurf, Kayak, Beach-bar, Parking, portable toilet, pebble beach.