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Lleus Hermitage

In honour to Saints Abdon and Senan

Getting there:

The first stage is the same as for Pinos Hermitage, but just before arriving at the bridge over highway A-7, we turn to the left, taking a paved path that takes us to hermitage.


19th century.We arrive at a square similar to the one in front of Pinos hermitage, with the parish priest's house attached to the hermitage, and a few more houses. There is also a school, inaugurated in 1935. In front, there is a small stone cross and a well, which could be used by all the inhabitants of the district. This type of communal well was normal in rural district. Unfortunately, some of them are in ruins, due to lack of maintenance, as many of them were private property, but for public use. Because of the situation of the district of "Lleus", in the foothills of Solana and Oltà, we can look up to see the mountains surrounding us. On the right is Solana, Oltà on the left and, in between both, the Bèrnia range. Several routes branch out from here, which hillwalkers may enjoy. The paved road that brought us here brings us back down to the N-332 (pou roig), a mere 3 Kms from Calpe.


The festivals are held at the end of July or early August, and consists of a communal dinner, live music and dancing, mass and a procession, with typical products such as punch, sweets, appetisers and grilled fish.