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A film plan for this summer

Summer is here and you do not know what to do to entertain yourself? Well, we encourage you to come to Benissa.

A place where there are always things to do.

Benissa in summer is a hotbed of activities. We offer musical events, art exhibitions, guided tours, summer festivals, culinary activities and open-air cinema.

Open-air Cinema

We recommend a film plan that you cannot refuse. In summer, people want to do things outdoors, and watching a good movie “out in the fresh” is one of them. In Benissa you have two places to enjoy outdoor cinema, Plaça Germans Ivars and on the coast, La Fustera beach.

Plaça Germans Ivars Cinema

In this square you can enjoy outdoor cinema on Tuesdays. Scheduling is usually varied and for all audiences.

This square is located in front of the Centre d’Art Taller Ivars, an old furniture factory that lived its greatness between the twenties and sixties of the 20th century. It got to have 150 workers in 1935 and more than 1500 square meters in factory, as well as two points of sale in Madrid and Murcia. Furniture factories were born from the evolution of the old artisan workshops in the town of Benissa during the second section of the 19th century. Converted into an exhibition hall; concerts, exhibitions, presentations and screenings take place throughout the year. If you are interested, the Centre can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

La Fustera beach Cinema: take a bath and watch a movie

If you want a different plan, we advise you to go to La Fustera Beach on Thursday and take food for dinner. There you can enjoy a bathroom and outdoor cinema plan that you will surely like. If you do not want to take your dinner, there's no problem, at La Fustera there are two beach bars. First, the Mandala Club, specializing in Mediterranean cuisine, and the second, the Vive Bonito, a bar with a lifestyle terrace to suit everyone.

The tradition of being “out in the fresh”

One of the traditions in Benissa is to be out in the fresh on the street, that is, to enjoy the good weather and the fresh air, taking out chairs at the door of the houses and exchanging talks or opinions with the neighbours. For many years this was the custom, but at present this tradition is in danger of disappearing.