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Learn while having fun on the nature trail

Discover what awaits you on the various trails

If you feel like learning more about our coastline, here is a more detailed look at three routes:

Informational panels from “Nature trail 1”

  1. The king of our coastlineCat’s head rockrose, a living fossil in the shape of a yellow flower
  2. The people of Benissa and their environmentNature as a source of sustainable exploitation
  3. Coastal weathering and the formation of Bassetes coveHow our coastal landscape was shaped
  4. Adaptations to survive. The main features of our flora and fauna
  5. Protected areas near BenissaThe Bèrnia mountain range and Calpe rock, veritable living jewels
  6. The Mediterranean, our seaLearn more about the virtues and features of the Mare Nostrum that provides so much to us
  7. Nature trail, Les BassetesDiscover how our nature trail was created



Informational panels from “Nature trail 2”

  1. Discover your environment. Some history and the main points of interest you can discover
  2. Benissa coastlineFactoids with interesting information on what you can encounter along the way
  3. Some historyPopular traditions related to the sea, watchtowers, Neptune Grass and the origins of the sand at La Fustera…
  4. The queen of our seabedNeptune Grass prairies throughout the four seasons
  5. Cosatal geo-morphologyHow the traces of time have carved out our coastline
  6. Cliffs as an ecosystemThe flora and fauna that can be found in these jagged vertical rocks
  7. Rocky seabeds. The characteristic coastal platforms of Cala Pinets and their rich biodiversity
  8. Coastal dynamics. The influence of the waves and tides on the formation of the beaches and the three areas in Cala Pinets


Informational panels from “Nature trail 3”

  1. Cala LlobellaHow the cove was shaped and the origins of its name
  2. Coastal pine grovesMediterranean coastal forests as refuges for biodiversity
  3. Underwater trails6 scuba diving trails and some of the species you may encounter
  4. Advocat nature trail. How this informational and conservation-oriented nature trail was born
  5. The Cliffs. Interesting facts on the formation of l’Advocat Cove and its cliffs, as well as the species that inhabit them
  6. Bio-markersThe environmental health of our coastal ecosystem through species such as lichens, Neptune Grass, fan mussels or Madrepora corals