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Reconnect with nature

September entails a return to routine, order, and schedules… but that doesn’t mean you should lose your summer spirit or your drive to enjoy the great outdoors! Indeed, if you are around Benissa, there is still much to discover!

September is the month in which you should recalibrate, reconnect, and reconsider things.

In Benissa, it is also the time to experience stress-free escapades and to dare perform activities you felt too lazy to do in August, with its stifling heat and ubiquitous crowds. That is why these days are the best time to bring yourself to take that diving course you have been dreaming about for such a long time, to stop making excuses and to dare to start windsurfing for once and for all or, why not, to learn to sail on a catamaran.

And, of course, it is the time to return to the afternoons hiking down trails through the Mediterranean landscape.

Either by the seaside, as the environmental trail is pleasant year-round, or by setting your sights on rediscovering the mountains and the nooks and crannies of the hinterland. Oltà awaits with trails that will lead you to its peak and surprise you by leading you through forests. Little by little, the Bèrnia mountain peak once again offers its clearest views, with no haze to be seen. Further inland, the vineyards are at their peak. You can follow the path of the grape harvest by daring to go down one of its trails, such as the stone and water trails or the riuraus trail. An excellent choice for avid cyclists is to discover the muscat mountain bike trail, as it crosses many muscat grape vineyards from which the famous local sweet wine is made. It is an easy, level path that can be followed with family or friends and which will lead you through beautiful agricultural paths.

On the Benissa coastline, the Neptune grass continues its cycle, and you can already see large underwater masses changing colour before they finally come loose and drift to the shore, where they will accumulate for months, protecting the beaches. As with our landscapes, the colours of the beach also change, but the waters are still pleasant enough to be enjoyed for a few more months. Cherish these moments. The beach bars are still open, and the picnic areas are more accessible for meals and picnics. And indeed, now is the time to reclaim the great outdoors in September, as you can now enjoy it more fully, more peacefully and without the hustle and bustle of summer.


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