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Benissa: 100% Natural Mediterranean Ingredients

The Mediterranean tastes like salt and the sea breeze, like a swim anytime during the day, and like delicious and healthy meals cooked with the finest locally sourced ingredients.

There is probably no time of the year during which we experience the gifts of the Mediterranean as intensely as in summer.

Regardless of whether we live here year-round or are visiting amidst high expectations, our bodies yearn for the sun, the breeze, the sea, the beach, walks at daybreak or at sunset. And, of course, they also ask for action. This is the time of the year when we have the most of time to enjoy sports fully in contact with nature and all the options provided by the coast: to dare to go scuba diving, snorkelling at your leisure, enjoying a different point of view on board a kayak, to get fit with paddle surf, etc. The sky is the limit!

We in Benissa are aware of how privileged our treasured environment is

We like to share it and to build memories of an unforgettable summer together. Indeed, during one of your walks stopping by one of our little beaches you probably wondered more than once what those dark spots that take up large stretches of the sea are. They are not rocks, but they break up the beauty of the turquoise of our waters… These dark areas are protected marine temples. They are a shelter and refuge to our marine fauna. They are the trustiest sign that our waters are clean and in good health. They are Neptune grass prairies. They are the most distinctively Mediterranean feature of our waters, as Neptune grass only inhabits this sea. Keep in mind that they are not algae; they are plants. They carry out a vitally important role, and they are protected. During summer, they host and feed marine species and, if you enjoy snorkelling, you would do well to visit these underwater prairies. Later, as winter approaches, it sheds its leaves, which wash up on our shores in great amounts. Of course, we do not collect them. We must not. They still play a role by dampening the impact of the waves and preventing the strong waves that accompany the rough weather at the end of the season from dragging away the sand on our beaches.

So now you know, if you ever drop by in winter, do not think that we are neglecting the coastline during the off season, quite the contrary. However, meanwhile, you can continue to enjoy our cuisine to the fullest as well as summer events , not to mention the sunny weather, good cheer and reunions. Cautiously and respectfully,

With a love of life.


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