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Benissa, the best place to see almond trees in bloom

February comes and with it the flowering of many trees and plants. Here we speak about the flowering of the almond tree in particular.

The flowering of almond trees

Benissa has a large municipal area, which makes it easy to see this crop in many different places.

Where can we enjoy seeing the almond trees in bloom?

In Benissa we can go along the Benissa-Benimarco road and enjoy seeing the almond trees in bloom. A beautiful landscape of must-have photography. Other areas that will surprise you with their almond trees are Berdica and Bèrnia.

We recommend the route of the Stone and Water Roads, where in addition to enjoying the landscape of almond trees in bloom, you can discover the most typical rural landscape of the region.

Discover the riuraus

While you admire the almond trees in bloom you can also discover the riuraus, built with the purpose of protecting the Muscat grape from rain and moisture during the drying process to turn it into raisins. Although they are typical of the Marina Alta, there are other regions with riuraus, especially those where raisins were also produced (Marina Baixa, La Safor and Vall d’Albaida).