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With pets

Pets are part of the family! Travelling and sharing experiences with them is an increasingly popular option.

Nowadays, you don’t need to leave any of your family members out when you leave on holidays, and this is especially true if you travel to Benissa, with its vast coastline and hinterland you can enjoy with your pet.

You can discover and explore every last nook and cranny in Benissa alongside your faithful companion. You will love hiking through the untamed slopes of BèrniaOltà and La Solana, or going on more “civilised” trails, such as the ones visiting the hermitages, the Riberers trail, the Molí del Quisi trail, or the environmental trail alog the coastline. Remember to be a good citizen and pick up after your pet as you enjoy the environment together. Here you will find a list of aventures and trails you can follow alongside your furry friend.

Moreover, the town boasts five dog parks where you and your pet can socialise responsibly. Here is a map with their locations.

When it comes to local pet-friendly establishments, many restaurants & bars have terraces, and they are used to welcoming customers visiting with their pets

You can check which accommodation allows pets on our website:


Furthermore, there are three specialised holiday rental companies that offer options for visitors travelling with pets: pets are welcome in some of the houses leased by La Caza and Alquileres Villamar, and Villas Holidays admits pets for an extra fee.

Should you require veterinary care, you can visit one of the three clinics in Benissa, and if you require a pet groomer, the following businesses are available. Finally, here is a link to other animal-related societies that may interest you.