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Embark on an adventure

“Benissa has one of the largest municipal districts in the Marina Alta district, and its biodiversity and landscapes are well worth discovering”

That is why you shouldn’t stop at the charm of its coastline, but also delve into its inland landscapes.

When considering its rural charms, it becomes apparent that there are options for all standards. Those who are visiting with children or do not wish to face great challenges can discover trails that can be followed on foot or by car, such as those that visit its hermitages. There are also moderately difficult options that reveal parts of the history of Benissa, such as the Molí del Quisi or Ruta dels Riberers trails.

There are three absolute musts for mountain lovers: La Solana, Oltà and Bèrnia, and the last two also have several options for duly signposted trails. And, finally, this environment also offers interesting alternatives for mountain bike lovers. One of its most sought-after trails is the one that surrounds the Bèrnia mountain range. This option requires a good level of physical fitness, as it follows paths that provide breathtaken views of the coastlines, valleys and mountain slopes scattered with terraced fields with fruit trees, grapevines, and the famous riuraus. The other star option is the so-called Muscat trail, which joins Benissa and the Vall de Pop, discovering agricultural paths between typical Muscat grape fields.

Finally, there is also a version on foot of this mountain biking trail called Caminos de Piedra y agua, which can also be followed in stages, as required. It connects eight towns in the Vall de Pop and is quite easy to follow, making it ideal for a stroll.