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Benimarco Hermitage

In honour to Saint James

Getting there:

From Benissa we take the road leading to la Fustera (Beaches), until we reach a cross to the right, with a sign for Benimarco. After about approximately 1 Km, we reach a large square with a cross in the centre; the hermitage is at the end of the square.


It dates from 1884. It is just on the border with the municipality of Teulada. This hermitage has been re-constructed, and is peculiar because it belongs to the municipalities of Benissa and Teulada. On the left, a little way away, are what once were the schools. From here, we have impressive views over a stretch of the coast, and we can walk down through Montemar development to the coves or beaches of Benissa. The population of the area is high, because of the large numbers of homes being built.


The festivals are held at the end of July and are shared with the neighbouring town of Teulada. The most important events are the "Entrà de la Murta" and the planting of a pine tree, rockets, parades, mass, and typical products, cock races and greasy poles, fireworks, "bull-fighting" (with heifers) and communal picnics, among others.