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Route 4: La Llobella


BIOTOPES: sand - rock - sea-grass meadows
GETTING THERE: Avda. La Marina, km. 5,3. At this point follow the sign to Cala de la Llobella and another that indicated la Chaca. Drive down the carrer el Cirer road as far as the car park. Alongside the La Llobella ravine you will find the steps that lead down to the beach.


The large rock formations create curious passageways that can be explored in search of the life typical of the area's seabed.

This trip begins at the northernmost end of the beach as you head into the water you will find a submerged rock platform at little depth that is a prolongation of the coastal platform. From there you will go in deeper and immediately will find sea grass growing on the seabed. If you make your way to the right you can follow the transition zone between the sand and the vegetation at some 4 or 5 metres from the surface where the lush sea grass sometimes interrupted by rocks and patches of bare sand.  As you make your way across to the right-hand side of the cove you will find large rock formations in the form of curious underwater passageways that you can explore in search of fish such as white sea-bream, painted comber-fish, Turkish wrasse and even the odd flounder blending in with the stones.

These large rocks are only at about 2 from the surface dropping in places to 4 metres creating ledges under which eye-catching cardinal fish hide. This easy dive continues on a circular route that takes you back to the starting point.

Due to the orientation of the La Llobella cove it is recommended to carry out this route in the morning since this is when the sun most enhances the lights and shadows of the seabed.


Snorkel, Sailing, Windsurf, Kayak, walking, Car Park. Pebble beach.