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One of the charming places: Benissa

The activities to do in Benissa in April include walking around the municipality and enjoying its landscape in full bloom.


Charming places that are worth visiting

We recommend visiting the different wash houses of Benissa, charming places that are worth visiting. You can also see the spectacular flowering of the orchids found in the municipality.

The wash houses of Benissa

When we talk about wash houses we are referring to a more or less large construction made from concrete, used to put soap on clothing over a slab and wash it. They are normally located in the middle of nature. They emerged in the 19th century and were originally built without a roof, however over time, improvements were carried out in order to protect the women from sun during the summer months.

1.Pou d’Avall Wash House

📍 Location

This wash house was complemented with that of Pou de d´Alt (located in Plaça de la Església Vella). As it was the closest to the town centre, a large number of women would go there with their clothes. This was a space for socializing, where women would speak about their problems, express their opinions and talk about their husbands. For years, men were forbidden from wash houses, as they were a space for women.

2. Santa Ana Wash House

Located very close to the Santa Ana Hermitage, there is an old legend which states that drinking water from its fountain helps women to be more fertile. This is where the “Llavadors poètics” (Poetic Wash Houses) event takes place in summer; it is an evening of poetry and music that aims to revitalize the wash houses.

3. Orxelles Wash House

This is the largest wash house in the municipality and its fountain still has drinking water. There is a well in the upper area. Just like the previous ones, it has also been restored.

4. Nusols Wash House

This wash house is the only one that does not have water. In all the wash houses you can distinguish the rinsing area from the soaping area, the latter separated by the slab which ensures that the soap does not end up inside the pool and dirty the water.

The Orchids of Benissa

Benissa is home to one of the rarest orchids that can be found, the Orchis fragans. This orchid was considered to have disappeared due to the urban expansion, but it seems that it is flowering once again in the Quisi area. It is a very rare species in the Community of Valencia, and that is why it is protected by the Valencian Catalogue of Protected Species.

Come discover Benissa a charming place in the Community of Valencia.