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Route 2: La Fustera


BIOTOPES: sand - sea-grass meadow - rock
ACCES: La Marina Ave, km. 2,6. At this point you will find a road junction with to La Fustera Beach. Follow the indication by turning down the Ctra. de la Platja road that leads to the beach's car park.

Amongst the sea-grass there are all sorts of fish such as the sparkling Salema porgy that patrol these underwater gardens.

This idyllic beach could be the starting point of various aquatic trails although the proposed route takes in the right-hand or southernmost part of the beach. Once in the water head out to sea until the sandy seabed gives way first to bear rocks and then rocks covered in seaweed. Gradually the sea-grass starts to make its appearance in the form of long meadows that cover the underwater rocky islands that you will see to your left. Amongst the sea-grass you could discover various species such as the sparking Salema porgy that patrol these underwater gardens.  You will probably see alligator tube fish, very common near the surface of clear waters and, amongst the rocks white sea-bream, painted comber-fish, East Atlantic peacock wrasse and Mediterranean rainbow wrasse.

Although it's possible to sea all this marine life from the water's surface if you are experienced at snorkeling it's worth taking a deep breath and diving down briefly to the seabed to discover details that would otherwise go unseen since the water is no deeper than 4 to 5 metres.  When you reach a small islet that is in fact a prolongation of the coastal platform make your way back closer to the coast where the sea bed is rockier but at a lesser depth.


Beach: "Ecoplayas" prize, ISO 9001 & 14001; Aula de la Mar: Blue Flag; Eco Trial: ISO 9001 & 14001


Snorkeling, sailing, windsurf, kayak, walking, beach-bar, car park, sandy beach, picnic area, wheelchair friendly public toilets, footbaths, children's play area, Aula de la Mar, Tourist Info Benissa Playa, Residents Info and Advice Centre, Police Post, Life Guard and First Aid post from 15th June to 15th September, including bank holidays, from 10.30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., micro flora reserve.