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5 plans to start the year on the right foot…

Or to send it off with pleasure!

1. Climb up to Bèrnia

Now is the best time to enjoy a hike in the middle of the day up to our tallest peak, the Bèrnia mountain range. This is a perfect opportunity to enjoy nature while trekking. Before long, you will have gone from sea level to an altitude of over 1000 metres and, once you reach Pinos, you will be rewarded with breath-taking views all the way to Cabo de la Nao and the Pityusic Islands, or Altea bay, if you venture into the Forat de Bèrnia. The visibility during this time of the year is, by far, the best.


2. Go for a stroll with the family

There is no shortage of easy trails that will allow even the youngest in the family to enjoy unforgettable vistas during a family hiking trip in Benissa. For instance, you could take a walk around any of its hermitages. The one closest to the centre is the Santa Anna hermitage. Built in 1613, it is the oldest in town, and it offers a walk along terraced landscapes that works its way towards the coastline against the backdrop of Oltà and the Bèrnia mountain range. Moreover, visitors are rewarded with the sight of two historical wash-houses and fountains along the way.


3. Enjoy the sea

The environmental trail is particularly charming this time of year. The weather is mostly sunny, and the invigorating sea breeze is accompanied by the relaxing sound of the waves. The colours of the landscape are intense, as green tones remain strong in this season, and the sea blue is even more pure and limpid.

4. Feel the local history

Visit the streets of Benissa's historical centre whilst admiring its carefully crafted architecture. Many of its streets are narrow and paved with stone, and its stately homes, with their whitewashed or stone-faced facades, boast large wooden gates, with flowers peeking through the balconies. Moreover, you can visit some of these houses along the way, including the Cases del Batlle (which hosts the Museum of Contemporary Art) or the Abargues Museum House, where you can learn more about the daily life of wealthy families in the 18th and 19th centuries.

5. Share the good times

After visiting its streets, the time has come to share the good times around the table. In Benissa, this season’s cuisine is dominated by soups and stews, among which the putxero and the pilota stand out in particular. Furthermore, you should always save some room for desserts such as pastís de moniato! Here is a list of restaurants and a calendar of activities for the coming days.