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PR-CV 7 Bèrnia, PR-CV 436 Font de Bèrnia

The Bèrnia mountain range is the natural border between the Marina Alta and Marina Baixa districts, and its characteristic crest crowns the sights from Benissa to the south.

Owing to its signposted trails, the Bèrnia mountain range offers a myriad of possible outings for all hikers and the possibility of walking from Pinos to Callosa, Xaló and Altea la Vella. You will be surprised by its spectacular rocky formations and terraced landscape, which has earned it a distinction as a Protected Landscape. You can also see its cave paintings, which have been classified as a Human Heritage site, the Bèrnia fort, which has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, or its flora micro-preserves.

Following the trail towards Altea la Vella (PRV436) you can easily reach the shadow of Bèrnia and Berdiola, one of the best-preserved mountain landscapes in the La Marina region. If you climb up to El Passet, you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the Marina Baixa, and you will be able to descend to Altea la Vella following the Cova de la Serp trail. This path is connected to the classic Bèrnia tour (PR - CV 7) on two points, and this will allow you to cross the mountain range through the famous “Forat” mountain pass, visit the fort and admire the cave paintings.

PR-CV 7 Bèrnia

Technical Data

  • ⏱️ Duration: 03h 20'Total km: 8,65 km
  • ❤️ Difficulty: Moderate
  • ⚠️ Elevation gain: + 425 m
  • 📍 Acces: 1 km away from the town centre, heading towards Alicante along the N-332 road, take the Xaló CV-750 exit, and you will find the CV-749 Pinos-Bèrnia road some 300 metres ahead, to the left, which will lead you to Les Cases de Bèrnia (16 km). Once you have reached Les Cases de Bèrnia (the end of the road), leave your car and start the trip on foot.


PR-CV 436 Ermita de Pinos - Font del Garroferet

Technical Data

  • ⏱️ Duration: 05h 15'Total km: 12,50 km
  • ❤️ Difficulty: Moderate
  • ⚠️ Elevation + 785 m
  • 📍 Acces1 km away from the town centre, heading towards Alicante along the N-332 road, take the detour towards Xaló CV-750 and then merge onto the Pinos C-749 road. At a distance of 8.5 km, after passing the Pinos restaurant, you will find a trail with an “Ermita de Pinos” signpost that will lead you to the hermitage.


Download the brochure | PR-CV 7 Bèrnia GPX | PR-CV 436 Font de Bèrnia GPX | Wikiloc


  • 🐕 Please keep dogs on a leash
  • 👣 Stay on paths
  • 🐐 Respect wildlife
  • 💧 Take water with you
  • 🌻 Respect plants
  • 👬 Walk accompanied


  • 🔥 Make fire
  • ⛺ Camping
  • 🛵 Motor vehicles
  • 🗑️ Leave garbage