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PR-CV 7 Bèrnia, PR-CV 436 Font de Bèrnia

La Sierra de Bèrnia is the natural frontier between the Marina Alta andMarina Baixa and its crested ridge is the backdrop that we see as welook south over Benissa.

Spectacular scenery, historic paths, cave paintings and a Renaissance fort.

Thanks to its well-marked mountain paths, the Sierra de Bernia offers many excursions on foot, and you can walk from Pinos to Bernia, Callosa, Xaló or Altea la Vella.

You’ll be amazed by the spectacular rock formations and terraced hillsides that have been declared Protected Landscapes, but you can also visit cave paintings that have been declared a World Heritage Site, the Bernia Fort, which has been named a Place of Cultural Interest, or Micro-reserves of Flora.

By taking the Altea la Vella path (PRV 436) you can easily reach the hillsides of Bernia and Berdiola and discover one of the best preserved mountain landscapes of La Marina. If you go up to the Passet you’ll see one of the most spectacular views of the Marina Baixa and from there you can go down to Altea la Vella along the Cova de la Serp path. There are two places where this path joins the traditional Bernia circuit (PR-CV 7), which allows you to cross the sierra by the famous Forat, the hole through the mountain, visit the Fort or see the cave paintings.

Length: 3 ½ hours. - Distance: 8km

Walkabiliy: Moderate/challenging

Maximum altitude: 850m

Access: Take the N-332 towards Alicante. After1km turn right along theCV-750 Xaló road and at 300 metres turn left into the CV-749 road followingthe signs to “Pinos-Bèrnia” CV-749. Continue on this road for 16km until you arrive at Les Cases de Bèrnia where the road ends and youcan park your vehicle and start the walk.

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