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A Mediterranean gastronomy

Benissa can also be known by way of its flavours and scents. The Valencian gastronomy is completed here through its original and tasty dishes, its spices, seafood, fruits and vegetables, and a special care which turns the food on your table into a special morsel.

Names such as "Borreta de melva", "Bull amb ceba", "Mullador de pelleta", "Sang amb ceba", "Putxero de polp", "Mullador de sagatxo", "Coques al calfó i amb mullador" whet everybody's appetite.

The variety of rice dishes is nearly endless. Specially remarkable are "arròs al forn", "arròs amb fava pelada", "arròs amb fessols i naps", "arròs de senyoret", "arròs a banda" and many more.

Hand-made sausages deserve a special mentioned. They have carried both Benissa's and the Marina's names all over the nation thanks to their delicious flavours and to the ancient recipes still used by local butchers.