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Why Benissa is your best choice for a well-deserved vacation

We are especially keen on spending time outdoors this season.

Never before had we spent so much time indoors as over the last two years. We need to recharge our batteries, breathe some fresh air and enjoy the little things in life, such as making the most of the long daylight hours in summer by performing outdoor activities, which in turn allows us to strengthen our immune systems and recover our social lives. All of these desires can be put in practice in Benissa, in a 100% Mediterranean environment you can reach without having to take a boat or plane.

In Benissa you will find a healthy and accessible locale full of nooks and crannies to be discovered in the heart of nature, be it in the countryside or on the beach, in the mountains or in the valleys. Our habits – including in what concerns consumption – have been drastically transformed in very little time, and some of the most obvious changes we have undergone as a society are the importance we grant to the people we truly care about and being able to spend time with them. Our value scale has also changed; rather than the most expensive ones, we now appreciate the simple things in life, such as taking a walk with your children by the seaside, enjoying a picnic after hiking, or going diving with your partner in limpid coves. Furthermore, we are now more aware of the need to keep fit by eating healthy food and getting enough exercise, especially in what concerns outdoor sports. All of these changes are positive, and you can put them in practice in Benissa from this very moment!

Here are ten wishes that can come true in Benissa:

  1. Enjoying a sunrise or sunset in any of our wonderful coves and taking a swim in their limpid waters whenever you wish.
  2. Going hiking through our mountains: Bernia, Oltà and La Solana. You can also visit our hermitages and riuraus surrounded by nature.
  3. Practice your bicycling skills by following the mountain bike muscat trail or any other trail you wish among the many available here.
  4. Spending a day in good company and enjoying a meal outdoors in one of our picnic areas.
  5. Discover the wealth of our marine and coastal bio-diversity by following our environmental trail and stopping for a swim along the way.
  6. Following a kayaking trail along our rocky and breathtaking coastline to discover a new vantage point while exercising and having fun in good company.
  7. Purchasing seasonal and locally-sourced produce in our fruit, vegetable and craft product markets.
  8. Enjoy local Mediterranean fine dining in one of the restaurants that await you in Benissa.
  9. To bid the day farewell at a beach bar with live music and your favourite cocktail.
  10. To disconnect from stress, noise and pollution and welcome the sound of birds, crickets and the sea breeze. After all, that is the summer soundtrack we all know and love.


    And remember, you don’t need to wait until summer to enjoy all this. Benissa boasts fine weather almost year-round, but these activities are especially enjoyable from May to October.