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Route 3: Els Pinets


BIOTOPES: sand - rock - sea-grass
GETTING THERE: Avda. La Marina, km. 3,5. At this point follow the sign to Cala dels Pinets, Leave your vehicle in the car park and walk down carrer dels Pinets road. When you reach the steps you will find a viewpoint on the left hand side that offers unbeatable views with the Peñón de Ifach as a backdrop. The steps lead down to this new gate to sea.
The sea-grass meadows act as a nursery for young fish and food for the eye-catching and organized Salema porgies.

As one of the many possible tours we propose a route that starts at the left-hand end of the cove where a tongue of rock protrudes form the shore under the water forming a rock platform at depth of half a metre. As you make your way out to sea you will notice rock formations like submerged islets covered with sea grass and colorful seaweed amongst which small fish such as Turkish wrasse, Rainbow wrasse & Damsel fish, etc. find shelter. Take a circular route to the right hand side of the cove where, close to the shore, appear more rocks, some in the form of large smooth paving stones and others that have fallen away form the cliff face, until you get back to the starting point.

This route allows you to discover in Cala Pinets three different underwater sceneries each with its characteristic wild life: the sandy seabed with its camouflaged flounders that is patrolled by sea bass and gray mullet; the hard rock seabed with crack and crannies in which fish and small crabs and octopi take shelter and the meadows of sea-grass that, apart from oxygenizing the water act as a nursery for young fish and food for the eye catching and organized Salema porgies.


Cove: ISO 9001 Y 14001


Snorkeling, Sailing, Windsurf, Kayak, Walking, Parking. Sandy & rocky beach.