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Route 4: La Llobella


  • ⚠️ Maximum Depth: -6m
  • ⏱️ Duration: 30'
  • 🧭 Orientation: SE
  • 🌱 Biotopes: sand - rock - sea-grass meadows
  • 📍 Getting there: Avda. La Marina, km 5.3. At this point there is a signpost for Cala La Llobella indicating that you should drive down C/ El Cirer until you reach the parking area. There is a flight of stairs leading directly to the cove parallel to the course of the La Llobella ravine.


The large rock formations create curious passageways that can be explored in search of the life typical of the area's seabed.

The trail beings at the northern part, where you can see a barely-submerged rocky platform on the shoreline. Follow it and gradually begin to dive deeper until you see Neptune Grass.

We suggest turning to the right, looking for the transitional area between the plants and the sand and staying 4 or 5 metres above the seabed, where the lush Neptune Gras occasionally makes way for spots of rock and sand. As you approach the right of the cove, you will find large rocky formations forming curious galleries akin to canyons which you can explore for the typical wildlife of these waters: white seabreams, painted combers, ornate wrasses and even some inattentive Flounders hiding among the rocks.

These large rocks are scarcely 2 metres below the surface, and they drop to approximately 4 m, sometimes creating balconies that conceal colourful cardinalfish. This simple dive completes the circle, leading you back to the starting point.

Due to the orientation of La Lobella cove, we recommend following this trail in the morning, as the sunlight will allow you to enjoy the lights and shadows of the seabed even better, highlighting its beauty.


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