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Old Youth Centre

This 16th-century building has been used both as an open marketplace and as the town hall, and it is currently the headquarters of municipal youth services

This is the building the Town Hall once occupied. It has undergone a number of renovations, but its origins can be traced back to the mid-16th century. It was originally used for administrative and commercial purposes. The upper floors were used to store grain (the Pósit) and as a Council Hall and Court of Justice. Its porticoed ground floor was used as an open marketplace, and the cellar contained a prison. In fact, the walls of some cells still feature drawings of ships that may have been scrawled by pirate prisoners. Nevertheless, this space is currently not open to the public.

From 1860 to 1981, the building was used exclusively as the Town Hall and, to this day, many elderly locals still know the building as La Sala, as the town hall was known.

When the Town Hall was moved to the former hospital building in 1981, this monument underwent renovation to recover the building’s original appearance. From 1987 to 2023, it was known as the Casal dels Joves, as it housed the municipal Youth services. It currently houses the municipal services of Social Services.


C/ Francisco Sendra, 2