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Franciscan Monastery

Built in the Renaissance style, with its sober appearance and stout walls, its construction led to the westward expansion of the town

In 1611, a group of Franciscan friars settled in Benissa, and the Convent of the Immaculate Conception was inaugurated only two years later, on 23 September 1613.

Back then, the founding of the convent led to the westward expansion of the town and acted as a new bulwark to take shelter from pirate raides, which were very common at the time.

The building was constructed in the Renaissance style, with a sober appearance and stout walls. The main façade from which the church is accessed is composed in the style of an altarpiece. The lower part features the door flanked by two columns on pedestals. Meanwhile, the upper part features a vaulted niche flanked by two pillars with an image of the Virgin Mary and two pyramids topped by balls, a characteristic trait of Herrerian architecture.


The bell tower and cloister, both of which were renovated in 1992, stand out in particular. Inside the church there is an interesting altarpiece and a small museum in which objects from the convent itself, from the former Seraphic College or mementos and donations made by the resident monks throughout its long history are on display.


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