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Did you know about the importance of Neptune grass?

Along the path you will see dark spots in the sea that stand out amongst the emerald green. These are Neptune grass prairies, which are vitally important for the balance of marine ecosystems. This seagrass is endemic to the Mediterranean sea and is a protected species, as it acts as a refuge for many marine species that feed, breed and take shelter in these plains. Furthermore, these plants filter and oxygenate the water, and their presence points towards its good quality.

What does it look like?

It has long, green leaves, a stem, roots, yellow flowers and fruits. Its flowers are renewed in autumn and, during the winter, it renews its leaves; the waves then drag fallen leaves to the shore, where they form accumulations that protect the sand and lessen the impact of the waves, especially during rough weather. Thus, even when it is dead, it plays a vital role and it is very important not to remove these accumulations until the beginning of the new season.