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Vall de Pop Mountain Biking Centre

The Vall de Pop mountain biking centre’s reception point is located in the town of Parcent, in Alicante. The Vall de Pop is a valley surrounded by the La Marina mountains, a place laden with history in which mankind has historically respected the balance with nature.

From the Vall de Pop Mountain Biking Centre in Parcent you can ride into this world in which time seems to have stopped on your bicycle. Within it, the La Serrella, Aixortà, Bèrnia, Cavall Vert and Carrascar mountain ranges shelter villages, farmsteads and old morisco areas which keep the centuries-old culture of dry stone buildings alive alongside vineyards and almond groves grown on terraced fields.

The Vall de Pop Mountain Biking Centre offers 10 trails that cover a total of 276 km. These vary in difficulty and have different starting points: Dénia, Castell de Castells, Benissa and Calpe.