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5 outdoor plans without leaving Benissa

There is nothing healthier and more inviting than to take a walk in contact with nature, be it on the seaside or along a forest trail, breathing fresh are and sharing the moment with family or friends. What’s amazing about Benissa is that, if you so wish, you could plan to hike in the mountain in the morning and top it off on the beach in the afternoon.


A meal in Magraner

Is there anything children enjoy more than a picnic with their parents? This picnic area also has large spaces for children to play and options to take a walk before or after lunch. Here you can have a barbecue (in the months in which it is permitted), a paella, or simply bring a home-cooked meal to enjoy on one of the wooden benches scattered around the pine grove. The area is wide and accessible for people with reduced mobility, and it boasts a free parking space, public restrooms, a covered barbecue area, a dirt basketball court and children’s swings.

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A walk through Oltà

This mountain offers forest trails and a rocky peak with wild goats and views stretching from the bay of Altea, with the Serra Gelada and Puig Campana, all the way to the northern slopes of Dénia’s Montgó. There are a number of signposted trails and you can take a circular hike around the mountain, climb one of its three slopes, do it all or to take a leisurely stroll through only one of them, depending on the challenges you are willing to face and the time available to you.

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Pirates in Llobella

This is one of quietest, most isolated coves on the entire coastline, the perfect place to bury pirate treasure with your children or for a couple to escape the hustle and bustle. You should wear suitable footwear to walk among the rocks, and don’t forget to pack some diving goggles, as a lively and colourful world awaits you below the surface if you should choose to go for a swim. You will have a hard time leaving this place if you bring some food and drink!

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The Lleus hermitage

Benissa has quite a few hermitages, and this one stands out due to its location on the foothills of Bèrnia and Oltà, in a wooded valley where the silence is only broken by the warbling of the birds and the narrow-gauge railway. In fact, the path that leads to it from Calpe runs below an impressive bridge that has recently been renovated. The hermitage is picturesque and very well-cared for, surrounded by several houses, a stone cross and a well. The road that crosses it offers a number of points that invite you to delve into nature along its many footpaths.

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Discover Pinos

The cave paintings of Pinos are but one of the reasons to take the road that leads to the Bèrnia mountain range, which is the tallest in the area. Pinos is a rural district halfway along the route which offers the opportunity to carry out a number of interesting activities, such as stopping by its hermitage, with breathtaking views of the coast, to take a stroll along one of its nature trails, or to enjoy some paella in one of its restaurants. In the summer, during its festivities, its folklore and amusements are well worth a visit.

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