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Pinos Hermitage

Dedicated to Saint Barbara

Getting there:

1 km away from the town centre, heading towards Alicante along the N-332 road, take the detour towards Xaló CV-750 and then merge onto the Pinos C-749 road. At a distance of 8.5 km, after passing the Pinos restaurant, you will find a trail with an “Ermita de Pinos” signpost that will lead you to the hermitage.


This 19th century hermitage was built with a small semi-detached house that once housed the parish priest. In front of the hermitage there is a large square with a cross and a few houses. To the left, separated from the hermitage by a path, is the building that once was the school at Pinos. From here you can see a breathtaking view of the northern side of Bèrnia, in which a long, narrow stretch of rocky ground stands out and, on the crest of the mountain range, there is an impressive natural stone arch known as “l’arc.” From this point you can follow a number of paths and trails that lead to the Bèrnia fountain.


The festivities are held in August, on the weekend following the festivities of the Lleus rural area. The most outstanding features of the festivities are the mass, the “entrà de la Murta,” popular dinners, typical dancing, children’s games and chicken races.