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Benimarraig Hermitage

In honour to Saint Therese of the Infant Jesus.

Getting there:

To reach this hermitage, we simply continue along national road N-332 towards Calpe, until we reach a large on the right, where we find the hermitage.


19th Century. It is the newest hermitage. It is built parallel to the road, unlike other Benissa hermitages, the access is not in front of the altar, which is to the right of the entrance. The bell, which in all others is above the main façade, here is to the left of the entrance. Another difference is the school, which in the others is separated from the hermitage, and in this case is attached to it.

Because of its closeness to the town, there is no house for the priest. There is a large pine tree on one side of the square, offering a marvellous vantage point to view the landscape towards the coast of Benissa and Calpe, with the impressive Rock of lfach in the distance. Turning around, we can see Oltà, the Bérnia range and Solana. For those who like walking there are many different paths, throught areas of typical Mediterranean cultivation, pine forests, and typical country houses of the area.


The festivals are held in the middle of August, with the following acts: live music, Mass, and competitions for children and adults.