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Las Antípodas Sailing School

Las Antípodas Sailing School

Contact information

Address · Av. La Marina, 333. Club Náutico les Bassetes
Tel · 96 583 83 10 / 665 853 200
Fax · 96 583 83 10
E-mail · mail@lasantipodas.com
Web site · www.lasantipodas.com

Amongst the Club's activities stand out the Las Antípodas Sailing School that gives the opportunity to learn and practice water sports such as Catamaran sailing, Kayak, Windsurf, Wakeboard and Paddle Surf (SUP). The school is officially registered with the Dirección General de Marina Mercante, Subsecretaria de Altos Estudios Náuticos (Marine Authorities Nautical Studies Department. EDN.AL242), the Real Federación Española de Vela (Spanish Royal Federation of Sailing) and the Federación de Vela de la Comunidad Valenciana (Valencia Sailing Federation)

CLOSED: from November 1 to May 1

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