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Are you aware of the possibilities offered by Benissa?

This town is an absolute must-see if you’re on summer holidays or having a short escapade in Benissa.

We have a lot more than sun and the beach to offer

On this occasion, we will make a few suggestions to get to know the town of Benissa well. You can spend a morning wandering around the narrow streets of its historical town centre and begin a pleasant stroll through its history. You will enjoy a pleasant silence, broken only by the greetings of neighbours as they meet at the crossing of two quiet streets, by the sound of sparrows fluttering along the ledges, and by the sound of your own footsteps on the cobblestone pavement. Your will feast your eyes on a harmonious and living architectural ensemble that is well taken care-of.

The buildings in the centre boast long histories, with their stone walls and arches, their large wooden doorways and their whitewashed walls, with balconies and large lattice windows from which flowers peek out. You will find several places to stop along the way, unhurriedly enjoying every moment. You could visit some of its house museums – such as the Abargues house – to get an idea of what the bourgeois of yesteryear lived like. And, while you’re at it, you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit the university headquarters, as they occupy two renovated stately homes that stand out due to their stunning architecture, or the current public library and museum of modern art, which are hosted in the splendidly recovered Les cases del Batlle buildings, which once hosted the local town mayors.

And in case you’re wondering at this point if all stops will be cultural, you will also find businesses along the way that will bring you back to modern life. For instance, some of the bakeries where you can buy the famous, freshly-baked cocas de mullaor, and some of its butcher’s shops, where you can buy some typical cold cuts, such as the local sobrasada (spreadable cured sausage) which can stand right alongside its Balearic neighbour. You will also find souvenirs in its clothing and jewellery boutiques, or the newspapers in a bookstore, for some reading while you enjoy a elevenses at one of the cafes around the square of the church of the Purísima Xiqueta. You can do all of the above on foot.

Furthermore, if you’re visiting on a Saturday, you will have a chance to live like a veritable local by delving into the nearby streets where the clothing, fruit and vegetable street market is held after your walk through the centre. There is no better place to find fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

And if you’re visiting with children, don’t worry. They will enjoy taking a walk with you in which they can move around freely, as there is hardly any room for traffic and the area features gardens, such as the placeta de l’Església Vella or the convent of the Franciscan fathers. Furthermore, after your mid-morning snack, they can play in the Dolores Piera park, which features a large area with swings and a garden playground. Thus, you will have spent a complete and thoroughly entertaining morning before you know it.