Bay of Les Bassetes

Nature reserve, a high ecological and environmental value

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Bay of Les Bassetes

From this bay starts the Ecological Coastal Trail.

he southernmost section of the Benissa coastline is made up from Les Bassetes Bay, on the border between Benissa and Calp. Its name in Valencia refers to its characteristically calm and shallow waters. This small and charming bay is created by a sandstone (sedimentary rock) spit on which the Les Bassetes Nautical Club Bassetes Nautical Club is located.

It also features a protected micro flora reserve that features species such as Cat’s Head Rockrose (Helianthemun caput-felis), a very rare and vulnerable rock plant that only exists on the Western Mediterranean coast, or thyme (Tymbra Capitata), a small and very aromatic shrub with light mauve flowers with orange glands on the edges. It blossoms from May to September.

From this bay starts the Ecological Coastal Trail (Paseo Ecológico). This footpath runs north allowing marvellous views of the coastline and, at the same time, offering information panels.

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